List of Places That are Closed This Presidents Day

Red white and blue banner.

Red white and blue banner.

Today is presidents day, or George Washingtons birthday, or Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday (for those who don’t celebrate Lincoln’s birthday separately). Since Presidents Day is a federal holiday, there will be places that are closed today. Today can be difficult if you didn’t know that it is a national holiday and planned on taking money to the bank, only to find out that it’s closed.

Presidents Day

Presidents Day fall on a Monday this year, and since it’s a federal holiday, many people will be getting a three day weekend. But there is a small downside to this three day weekend- some businesses will be closed on Monday as well. Since many (but not all) places will be closed today, we compiled a short list of what will be closed this Presidents Day to keep you on track with your life.

What all is Closed


Most department stores, grocery stores, and restaurant will be open today; if a store is normally open on a Monday, then it will more than likely remain open today. Even better, some department stores will have a Presidents Day sale going on.

Post Office

Since Presidents Day is a Federal holiday, the United States Postal Service will not be open or delivering mail on Monday.

Trash Day

In many areas, Monday is affiliated with being “garbage day.” Unfortunately, the garbage men will probably not be coming to take your trash away due to it being a holiday.

Banks and the Stock Market

Banks will be closed today along with the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Don’t make plans that have to do with money today.

No School

Many public schools will be closed today, but some schools use today as a “catch up day” where they try to catch up on days that were missed due to inclement weather.

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