Merry Christmas From

Rows of presents.

Rows of presents.

Alton, Mo. – Merry Christmas from Christmas is a holiday that  is celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians as well as non- Christians celebrate it. Countries across the globe have varying ways to show their joy.

Outdoor Lights Everywhere

During the Christmas season outdoor lights are abundant. More than any other holiday, Christmas takes the cake for decorations. During a time of darkness when the northern hemisphere has the least hours of daylight, what perfect timing for bright colorful, happy outdoor light. Most city blocks have them; businesses even decorate. Some cities give prizes for best displays or most lights.

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Also in this cold winter season of the North, people make cookies- thousands of them! Every kind and shape imaginable.  Families and co-workers share eating them. They are mailed to friends elsewhere.  Squabbles are put aside while cookies are eaten, perhaps with a cup of hot cocoa. Warm family memories come alive.

Celebrations in Church

Often during this time of year larger cities may have a vespers service, or even a Christmas eve service. People who normally don not attend church, will go this one time of the year to hear the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Gift Giving

Notable during the Christmas season is gift giving. As God gave the first and best gift, His son, so we follow suit and give gifts to those who are dear to us. This is a time of gratefulness. Bright papers, ribbons, and bows adorn these packages that have been looked over many times to give to just the right recipient.

Moreover, Christmas is a joyful time during the darkest time of the year, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, God become man.

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