More Families Homeschooling in the U.S. Due to Dissatisfaction With Public Schools

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A recent report from the National Center For Education reports [1]that homeschooling has risen dramatically in the last two decades.  In the last week of September, the results were announced regarding education and school choice. In the past twenty years, many new options have become available to parents wanting something other than the public school system for their children.  This is proved in the fact that enrollment in the public school sector has dropped by 5%.

Although families that choose to educate their children at home were not surprised at the findings that more homes are choosing this alternative, this was quite the affirmation. The reasons for home teaching were also interesting.

Schooled At Home

Twenty years ago, the primary and almost the only, reason for homeschooling was for religious reasons. That trend is still present today, just lower down the list of priorities. Society has brought on new reasons. According to this report, the main reason for removing their students from the public school system was the school environment. Included in this were safety, drugs, and peer pressure. The second reason for removal from public schools is dissatisfaction with academic instruction. Some of this came with the approval of the common core curriculum. The third reason for educating at home is religious education.

This report was taken from all across the country. The data reports who chooses what type of education and why. This study was funded by the Department of Education.


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