Missouri’s 100th General Assembly Concludes “Historic” Session

Missouri State Capitol building.

Missouri State Capitol building.

About a year ago Missouri Governor Parson promised a “fresh start” for all Missouri citizens. Saying that he planned on increasing jobs, economy, as well as bettering lives with the help of the Missouri Congress. Last week, on Friday, the 100th General Assembly of Missouri concluded with Governor Parson calling it a “historic” session.

A Historic Session

At the beginning of this year, in the State of the State address,  Parson revealed his plans to help Missouri succeed in the next few years. Parson talked about how he planned on bettering the Missouri workforce, creating more job opportunities, as well as focusing on the state’s infrastructure.

“This year’s Legislative Session was marked by historic progress on significant issues important to all Missourians,” Governor Parson said. “I applaud House and Senate leaders for partnering on the shared priorities of infrastructure and workforce development. Thanks to their leadership we were able to pass a comprehensive economic development strategy for growth across Missouri and take a substantial first step to meeting our state’s infrastructure needs.” [1]

Helping Missouri

The Missouri Legislature managed to pass a bill that would begin repairing roads and bridges across Missouri along with a bill that encouraged the growth of Missouri farmers.

The General Assembly also worked to pass a fiscal budget that is one of the most responsible budgets of Missouri in the past ten years. The new budget leaves more than $100 million in the bank after Missouri pays for all of its investments. Some of Missouri’s new laws will help Missouri citizens get better jobs and save more money.



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