It’s World Bee Day- How Much Do You Appreciate Bees?



Saturday, May 20, is World Bee Day. This brings to mind all that a bee does to keep people healthy and happy. While Earth does host over 20,000 bees, each does have a specific purpose.

Missouri Bees

Missouri does not discriminate. We house over 450 species of bees, including bumblebees and honeybees. Predominately, bees are busy in Missouri from April through June. They do not thrive in freezing temperatures or too high of temperatures.

Bees Purpose

In relation to people, a bee’s purpose is to pollinate. Missouri does have other pollinators: birds and bats. However, a bee also makes honey. Local kinds of honey are healthy for germs and diseases that may arise.

Helping Bees

Now that you know bees help us, can we help them? Yes! Cut back on the pesticides one uses on lawns. Plant flowers, especially wildflowers, encourage bees the thrive. Missouri State recently did a study on bees. They posted their findings here.

If each household did its part in diminishing pesticide use and encouraging wildflower growth, bees could make a hearty comeback.

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