MDC Gives Final Approval to Increase Prices for Nonresident Permits Starting 2020

Man holding fish.

Man holding fish.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is raising their nonresident permit prices for hunting and fishing for the first time in over a decade. MDC claims that this hike in prices will go towards keeping up with their increased cost to maintain facilities as well as the cost of providing MDC services across the state.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has recently begun talking about raising the prices of nonresident permits for hunting and fishing in Missouri. The new prices were given initial approval by the Missouri Conservation Commission at its May 23 meeting. They were given final approval during the Commissions Aon August 23 and will go into effect beginning on February 29, 2020. [1]

Daily Fishing (1 Day) $7 $8
Daily Fishing (3 Days) $21 $24
Annual Fishing $42 $49
Furbearer Hunting/Trapping $130 $192
Annual Small Game Hunting $80 $94
Daily Small Game (1 Day) $11 $14
Daily Small Game (3 Days) $33 $42
Conservation Order $40 $47
Spring Turkey Hunting $190 $224
Fall Turkey Hunting $110 $130
Firearm Deer Hunting $225 $265
Archery Hunting $225 $265
Managed Deer Hunting $225 $265

Nonresident fishing permits take up almost 100 percent of all fishing permits bought in Missouri; nonresidents also take up most of Missouri’s small-game hunting permit purchases.

MDC will also be limiting their daily fishing permits as well as their daily hunting permits to 1 and three days and eliminate the daily fishing permits and daily hunting permits for other numbers of days (2, 4, 5, 6, and seven days). For more information about the changes, you can click here to go to MDC’s official site.



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