MDC Reports 2,556 Deer Were Harvested by Youths in 2018

Deer in field.

Deer in field.

The late youth hunting portion of deer season began on November 23rd and continued through the 25th of November. During that time young hunters, ages six through fifteen, went out in hopes to kill a deer. In total 2,556 deer were harvested in the 2018 Missouri’s late youth portion of deer season.

Bambi no More

Forgotten is Bambi, the movie of the past, which made us all cry when a hunter shot his mother. Now the youth of Missouri have taken to the fields and forests themselves in the hope of bringing down a deer of their own.

Over 2,000 deer were harvested by 6 – 15-year-olds in three days. 1,140 antlered bucks were harvested, making that the most harvested type of deer in late youth season. Along with the bucks, there were 1080 does were killed. Then only 336 button bucks were harvested during this season.

Preliminary data from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) shows that young hunters ages 6 through 15 harvested 2,556 deer during Missouri’s late youth portion of the 2018 deer hunting season, Nov. 23-25. Of the 2,556 deer harvested, 1,140 were antlered bucks, 336 were button bucks, and 1,080 were does. [1]

Last year (2017) during the late youth portion of deer season there was a total of 3,115 deer harvested. 1,299 of those were antlered bucks, 453 button bucks, and 1,363 were does.

Counties With the Most Deer Harvested

The Missouri counties that harvested the most deer were:

  1. Wayne with 47 deer checked.
  2. Ripley with 46 deer checked.
  3. Franklin with 45 deer checked.
  4. Macon with 45 Osage with 45 deer checked.



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