Summer Gardening Means Harvesting- How To Tell When To Pick

garden vegetables

garden vegetables

Are there vegetables in your garden ready to be picked? How can you tell? Burpee, an expert on seeds and growing plants, gives easy tips to tell what is ripe and what to leave alone. While many vegetables are more flavorful when small, this is not true for all [1].


Cucumbers can be harvested at any stage. Smaller cukes are more tender. These are tasty in eating plain pickling. Larger ones make excellent choices in sdalads. Too many cucumbers? Try making a homemade facial mask. They are nutritious additions to smoothies and water drinks [2].


What would summer be without a home grown tomato? These are ripe when red. However, harvesting early when a yellow or orange color appears helps produce additional fruit.

Green Beans

Pick green beans when they are just short of their full size. Too long causes tough pods and stringy sides.


This summertime favorite is ripe when its underside is turning yellow-ish.


Peppers are ready for harvesting when full size. Remaining on the main plant brings a color change in the pepper. Hot peppers left longer on the vine become hotter.

Lettuce And Spinach

These are cool weather crops that do bolt when too hot. This makes a bitter flavor. Instead, cut the leaves when young and tender. This enables the plant to continue to grow and you may get a number of harvests.

All of these vegetables and more make summer what it is to most people. Eating fresh food that one grows brings a healthy attitude and bright countenance. Burpee has an expanded list of suggestions to get the most from your garden. You can click here to read more.


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