How Far Is 6 Feet—Doors, Horses, Footballs, Dogs— Know The Distance

A six foot tape measure.Community

A six foot tape measure.

Alton, Mo. – With the coronavirus going on, the CDC suggests social distancing which is 6-feet. You may not know how far six feet is, so here are some examples of things that are six-feet.

Bowling Pins

Six feet is six bowling pins stacked on top of each other. [1]

Shopping Carts

People who love to shop, think of two shopping carts because they equal six feet. [2]

Golden Retrievers

If you are a dog lover two Golden Retrievers standing nose to tail is an equivalent to six feet. [3]

A Mattress

If you love sleeping, a full or twin size mattress is six feet long. So just imagine your mattress between you and the other person. [4]

A Door

You see doors wherever you go. Just picture a door and you will have six feet between you and a friend. [5]

Thoroughbred Racehorse

If you love horses this six feet equivalent is for you. A Thoroughbred racehorse equals six feet. [6]


Do you anticipate when the mail car comes? Just think of two mailboxes on top of each other and you have six feet. [7]

3-Person Sofa

Most people have a sofa in their home. Just think of sitting on a three-person sofa because it equals to six feet. [8]

13 Hershey Bars

There’s nothing like a good Hershey chocolate bar. If you get thirteen of those chocolate bars, you will get seventy-five inches, which is three inches more than six feet.

7 NFL Football’s

For those sports people out there, seven National Football League footballs equal 77 inches which is more than six feet.

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