Sheriff King Responds To Audit Allegations From FBI

vOregon County Sheriff signOregon County Sheriff sign

Oregon County Sheriff sign

Alton, Mo. – Several sheriffs in Missouri have been notified by the FBI of potential audits. The FBI wants to audit in particular concealed carry permit holders. By mid-July, Attorney General Schmitt denounced the invasion. He had made it clear that this would not happen while he was Missouri’s attorney general. [1]

Locally in Oregon County, Sheriff King went on facebook by telling his response to the intrusion from the FBI. King noted that several sheriffs around the state had been contacted. However, he had not as yet heard from the FBI. King went on to say,

I will NOT release this information to the FBI or anyone else as this info is strictly confidential and protected by state statue [2].

Sheriff King is an elected official who does live in as well as serves Oregon County.


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