Winners In 2022 Promote the Vote Contest Announced

Darts in bullseye on dart board

Darts in bullseye on dart board

Alton, Mo. – is promoting local businesses together in our “Promote Your Business” effort. We just finished multiple contests with our Sponsors Alton Auto Parts, Alton Florist, and Simpson’s True Value. The contests were not only helpful in bringing attention to the 2022 Primary here in Alton and Oregon county, but also highlight these businesses in the eyes of their customers and our community.

The contests started last Friday, July 29 and ended last night at 8:00pm. Entrants were given an opportunity to enter online, by mail, or in person on primary day, Tuesday, August 2nd. Tentative winners for each contest were chosen this morning and emails have been sent.

Potential winners must follow the directions in their email to be verified within the next 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. They will then have 10 days to pick up their prize. Check your email winners!

Drum Roll Please

We want to thank the sponsors for contributing these prizes and the fun the contests provided. We also want to thank the people who participated in the contests. 

Alton Auto Parts

Alton Auto Parts Prize

Alton Auto Parts knows how important a clean vehicle is. They packed a bucket full of cleaning items valued at over $70.

The tentative winner of the Alton Auto Parts contest is: Ryan Moore

Alton Florist

Alton Florist Prize

Adding beauty to our lives, Alton Florist gathered a lovely bucket of niceties. This is valued at over $100. They are even included a gift certificate.

The tentative winner of the Alton Florist contest is: Janie Webb

Simpson’s True Value

Simpson's True Value Prize

Simpson’s True Value assembled an assortment of outdoor gardening items sure to bring a smile! We like to think of it as a personal garden starter kit.

The tentative winner of the Simpson’s True Value contest is: Loretta Williams

Congratulations to All the Winners

Look forward to hearing from our winners soon!

Check Your Email

If you know any of the tentative winners make sure to remind them that they need to follow the instructions in their e-mail!

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