Do You Have Leg Cramps? Here Are 5 Things To Do To Relieve Them



Hot and adventurous days have come upon us. The spring and summer days are filled with swimming, baseball, other sports, hiking, yard work, and other adventures. Sometimes after a long hard day, leg cramps develop. Here are five things to do to get rid of them.

Why Cramps Develop

One of the main reasons we get muscle cramps is because we don’t get enough water. Another reason is because of strenuous exercise. Another way is when you don’t use your muscles than suddenly you do.

#1 Drink Water!

Throughout the entire day, especially if you’re working outside, drink water. During the hot summer days, your body needs more water because you’re sweating more. Even if you feel the muscle cramps coming on, just guzzle water.

#2 Drink Milk

Another drink that will help re-hydrate you and help the cramps is milk. So if you get tired of drinking water, switch to milk.

#3 Mustard and Pickles

Have you ever wondered why you have mustard and pickles on hot dogs and hamburgers? Both mustard and pickle juice help with leg cramps. While mustard is not good in large quantities, take about a teaspoon of it and in an hour or so, the cramps will be gone. This is true- I’ve tried it before.

#4 Eat A Banana, French Fries

When you have muscle cramps, you’re sometimes low in potassium. Bananas are high in potassium. French fries and potato chips also help with the cramps.

#5 Massage

Wherever you have cramps, rub and massage them. If your legs have cramps, point and flex your toes.

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