Modern-Day Gold Rush Happening In California Due To Rains

The Hollywood Sign in Hollywood, California.

The Hollywood Sign in Hollywood, California.

Because California has been getting a lot of rain for the past few months, “flood gold” has been found in rivers throughout California. Treasure hunters and gold seekers have already found some gold.


One of the major gold rushes in America was the California Gold Rush in the mid-1880s. People swarmed to the West to see if they could get rich with gold. Very few did get rich, and most died or got diseases.

Excess of Rain

California has gotten a lot of rain in the past months. Some places in the state got 29.14 inches of rain at the end of the 2021-2022 season. This year, they have gotten 47.37 inches of rain. [1] The excess of rain brings the sides of the river down into the river basin, bringing the gold with it.

Flood Gold

In the past, Placerville, California, has been a sweet spot for finding gold. In recent years, it has dwindled off; but with the rain, the gold has been replenished near the area due to the heavy rains. Gold seeker Albert Fausel of the area has already found some gold nuggets by placing a pan in the river and shaking off mud and sand until only the gold remains. [2]

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