Walnut Festival Cake Walk Goes To Benefit Seniors



Alton, Mo. – The annual Black & Gold Walnut festival is coming right up. Fun, games, food, and activities are getting planned and set up for Friday night and throughout the day on Saturday. AltonMo.com is joining the fun this year. The main game planned is a cakewalk.

How A Cake Walk Works

A cakewalk runs similar to ‘Musical Chairs’. One pays for a chance (or two, or three). As the music plays, one walks around the circle. When the music stops, so do the walkers. A number is drawn from a bucket. If you are standing on that number, you win the cake!! Yum. A chance to walk is $3, or two chances cost $5.  If you would rather bring a can of non-perishable food, that works. One can of food with $1 equals one chance. Two chances cost either 2 cans plus $1 or 1 can and $2. In addition, every hour we will host a cupcake walk, Those cost a mere 50 cents. Persons from around the area are donating cakes. All proceeds- financial or non-perishable- go directly to the Alton Senior Center. This merriment is open to all ages.

Other Games

AltonMo.com is planning lots of games for the Walnut Festival. There will be scavenger hunts, box games, bean bag and hula hoop games, ping pong ball games, and shaving cream games, just to name a few. Prizes will abound for all ages!

Where Out Booth Is

The AltonMo.com booth will be across from the Alton Public Library, on the side of the courthouse. Be sure to stop by and say hi.

The weather forecasters are calling for beautiful fall weather. Bring the entire family to the square in Alton.

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