Alton Culture Club Is Selling Christmas T-Shirts To Offset Expenses

The Alton Courthouse all decorated for the parade.

The Alton Courthouse all decorated for the parade.

The Alton, Missouri, Culture Club is selling Christmas parade shirts for 2022. These t-shirts offset the expenses of decorating the courthouse and other Christmas decor in the town.


The t-shirts are $20 each. You can purchase them from Amy Janes or Tonya Willard at the Alton Elementary School. [1]


All the proceeds from the t-shirts will go to help with decorating the courthouse and with other decorating of the town. This year, the culture club is adding new town Christmas banners. They are also adding additional lights to the courthouse; they’re purchasing a Light O Rama system. This system allows the lights to flash to the beat of Christmas music. All the proceeds this year will go towards next year’s Christmas decor.


The Alton Culture Club is going to be helping divide up all the proceeds so the entire town of Alton is turned into a beautiful Christmas wonderland.

Make sure to buy some Christmas parade shirts to support the Alton Culture Club in decorating Alton.


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