Alton, MO Methodist Women Put on Clothing Exchange

Child's clothes neatly stacked.

Child's clothes neatly stacked.

Alton, Mo. –The Alton United Methodist Women (UMW) is putting on a child clothing exchange. This will be held at the Community Worship Center in Alton, Missouri on November 3rd from 1-3 PM. The clothing sizes will range from newborn to around five years old. No money will be exchanged, just bring some of your old children’s clothes to trade for different clothes.

Donations are Welcome

The Alton United Methodist Women are putting on a child’s clothing exchange. Anyone is welcome to bring their children used but in good condition clothing and exchange it for different clothes. The UMW is accepting donations at this time. You can either call Marian Gooding at 417-778­-1817 to donate or you can bring your donations to the Community Worship Center at the time of the event. Donations of clothing from newborn sizes to head start are appreciated, but you can also bring diapers, kids books, toys, and blankets. The UMW is also looking for coats of any size to give away.

Even if you Don’t Have Anything

Even if you have nothing to exchange but have children those ages, the UMW greatly encourage you to come. They plan on having gift bags and donations for those in need or who are newly expecting. Bring what you can and trade it for the things you need.

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