Sunshine Welcomes Shoppers To Busy Farmer’s Market

farmer's market Alton

farmer's market Alton

Alton, Mo. – The Alton Farmer’s Market opened the season with a bang. Sunny, clear skies and plenty of parking were a welcome sight to both sellers and buyers. A good turnout of residents brought hope to the sellers who had been disappointed who had anticipated the opening of the market much earlier in the year.

What Was There?

Altogether there were seven booths, complete with canopies. For the first market of the year, sellers brought a variety of goods. From home-baked treats ( like loaves of bread, candies, and brownies) to hand made baskets, to homegrown produce, to fancy decorated towel sets, each booth was unique in what it offered. Some of the produce grown for selling was leeks, lettuce, beets, and bell peppers. Blueberries are beginning to come ripe and tomatoes won’t be far behind. The Farmer’s Market is special in that each booth sold items grown or made by the person manning the booth. The one at the booth can answer any question a buyer may have.


Where Is The Market?

farmer's market booth
farmer’s market booth

The Farmer’s Market is located at Tucker Creek Park in Alton, Missouri. This is the park off Highway 19 south, just past the First Baptist Church. The booths are set up at the far end of the park in the open area. This allows for additional booths to be arranged each weekend. Children also can run while parents talk over items. A satisfactory parking area is close. Additional parking is down the way, but one can walk along a walking trail to get to the market. The market opens at 9:00 a.m. Saturday mornings throughout the summer. By 1:00 p.m. the heat is directly overhead and the market shuts down for another week.

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