Instagram Introduces New Checkout Feature- Allowing In-App Purchases

Woman enjoying sales.

Woman enjoying sales.

Instagram excels when it comes to showing ads targeted at you based on your likes and who you follow. Recently Instagram experienced an upgrade which allowed users to tap a picture with the intention of buying a product before getting redirected to the seller’s site where the user could shop to their heart’s content.

Checkout Faster

Unfortunately for Instagram, consumers, and brands that used Instagram, this process wasn’t as streamlined as everyone wished it to be. The time it took to get redirected to the brand’s site, fill your shopping bag, and enter all of your information resulted in a loss of interest and engagement from the consumer.

But today Instagram has rolled out a new checkout lane. When you see something you love on the app, you can buy it without even leaving Instagram. Now, over 20 brands are participating in the new feature. [1] Instagram has placed a “Checkout on Instagram” button beneath posts with products from participating brands.

For first time shoppers through Instagram, you’ll have to enter your shipping and payment information- which will be “securely saved for convenience the next time you shop.” After clicking “Place Order,” no redirecting needed, Instagram will send you shipping notifications inside the app as you await your package.

Better for Consumers and for Brands

Shopping has now been made so much easier for Instagrammers and that much easier for brands to connect with consumers. Over 130 million people tap product tags in shopping posts on the app monthly (which is up from 90 million in September 2018). [2]

Sara Spännar, H&M’s Head of Marketing & Communications emailed Elite Daily, talking about the new Instagram feature- which H&M is taking part of. “We are excited to be part of this launch and to offer U.S. customers the possibility to buy our products straight off Instagram. We believe this is a great way to offer fashion fans an inspiring and convenient shopping experience. Instagram is such an important channel, and we look forward to exploring this new way of shopping.” [3]


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