Tennessee Citizens Voice Their Opinions On Their Billboards

no masks sign

no masks sign

Tennessee citizens are making an outward stand against the tyranny of mask-wearing. Tennessee Stands started the initiative and has put up billboards that read [1]:

Your Compliance is prolonging this nightmare. Ditch the mask.

You can view one of the actual billboards here. Director Danielle Goodrich said that the Americans have been bowing the knee to ‘absurd, slavish, and oppressive rules, which the government doesn’t have the authority to do’ [2].

Who Is Doing This?

Tennessee Stands is a conservative group with offices across the state. Tri-City Director Danielle Goodrich founded the Johnson City Freedom in an effort to get kids in school during the pandemic. Then she had issues with students wearing masks once the schools did reopen. She summarized her thoughts by saying,

The government can’t tell you not to work. You need to eat. These are inalienable rights. The government’s only purpose is to uphold and protect the unalienable rights of the people, not infringe upon them [3].

Because of these beliefs, this organization is filing a lawsuit against the Tennessee governor, Governor Lee, alleging that his coronavirus restrictions were unconstitutional. In April, Lee signed an executive order dismissing mask mandates in 89 counties.

Who Is Supporting This?

One volunteer, Angela Grgic, felt that something was wrong. After researching, she thought,

Man, why are we complying? Why are we just going along with this because everyone else is [4]?

Doctor Sibley, M.D., said that masks are a ‘symbol of control, rather than a medical intervention.’ Austin Russell from Riverside, CA wants people to see that it’s normal to not wear masks. No cancel culture. This is the consent of the governed. As long as we wear the masks, we consent to unconstitutional power.

Other States?

Kansas and Arizona have contacted Tennessee Stands in regards to using the billboard design.


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