Catholic School Student Receive Backlash for Video During March for Life

USA Capital Building

USA Capital Building

During Saturday’s March for Life, a video was taken of a group of Catholic school students in a confrontation with an elderly Native American man. The video then went viral, and the school and student have received backlash from multiple media outlets, reporters, celebs, and just ordinary people.

March for Life

On Saturday, near the Lincoln Memorial, during the March for Life, an elderly Native American man, Nathan Phillips was videod being “confronted” by a group of young Catholic school children. Phillips was participating in an Indigenous Peoples March. Phillips told the Washington Post and other news outlets that the students surrounded him. [1] He also stated that the boys taunted him and refused to let him leave.

Lengthier videos of the incident show that  Phillips came up and began drumming loudly in front of the boys. [2] The boys did school chants to drown out the racist and homophobic slurs shouted at them by a group of black nationalists standing nearby.


The fact that the boys were wearing Make America Great Again hats has only increased the amount of backlash they’ve received since Saturday. Threatening messages and harassment have occurred to the families of all the student who attended the march.

The Catholic schools principal, Robert Rowe, emailed the parents of the students stating that school would be closed for the safety of their students. “After meeting with local authorities, we have made the decision to cancel school and be closed on Tuesday, January 22, in order to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff,” read the email. The school was closed all day Tuesday but reopened on Wednesday.

Visit With the President

It’s been reported that the student who received backlash for the video will be meeting President Trump later this week.


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