Missouri Governor Mike Parson Announces Bid for Re-Election in 2020

Missouri state capitol building.

Missouri state capitol building.

In 2018 Missouri unexpectedly switched governors from Eric Greitens to 63-year-old Mike Parson. It’s been almost two years since Parson became governor and on Sunday he announced that he plans on seeking a full term. He’ll be facing Auditor Nicole Galloway, the only female Democrat holding a statewide office at this time.

Governor Parson

A retired policeman, a rancher, a father of six children, Parson first announced his bid for Missouri Governor four years ago but quickly dropped out, claiming that he didn’t want his message to get lost in the loud Republican field- which at the time Greitens was part of. Parson ran and won the position of Lieutenant Governor instead. Until 2018 when Governor Greitens resigned from office after accusations of campaign finance violations and sexual misconduct and was facing threats of impeachment.

Since then, Parson has been leading Missouri, using his low-key methods and farm boy personality to get along with almost everyone who crosses his path. With his 14 plus years of experience in government, as a representative, senator, lieutenant governor, and governor, it seemed perfect then for him to announce his plans to run for governor. “I want to create opportunities for education. Keyword, ‘opportunities,'” Parson said in his announcement. “When these politicians say the word ‘free,’ we all know what that means. That means that you and I are going to have to pay for it. Because when it comes to government, nothing is free.” [1]

Galloway, Parsons Democratic opposition, has her eye on the title of Missouri governor as well, although it will be an uphill battle for her as Missouri overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in 2016. “Missouri families can’t afford four more years of Governor Parson,” Galloway said. She continued by pointing out that because of him, there have been a drop in Medicaid rolls as well as the loss of hospitals in rural parts of the state.

Unfortunately for her, Galloway will already be running behind in the race just because she’s running as a Democrat. “The fact of the matter is, she’s still going to have that ‘D’ behind her name, and Mike Parson is still going to have that ‘R’ behind his name,” Robynn Kuhlmann, a University of Central Missouri political scientist, said.

Into the Spotlight

Some believe that Parson hasn’t accomplished anything so far. “Missourians deserve better than a governor whose sole accomplishment is that he isn’t Eric Greitens,” the Democratic Governors Association said Saturday in a news release. “We look forward to holding career politician Parson to account for putting himself and his special interest friends ahead of Missouri.”

So far, the biggest thing that has put Parson into the spotlight was his signing the abortion law earlier this year. The law banned women from getting abortions after the eighth week of pregnancy and caused much commotion throughout Missouri but also caused him to gain unfailing support from conservatives and many Republicans which could help him win the election.


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