Oregon County Election Results Now In-Who Won And By How Much

Vote Sign

Vote Sign

Yesterday, August 2, 2022, was Missouri’s primary election day. Of the 7,134 registered voters in the county, only 2,023 (28.36%) showed up to cast their ballots. Several families brought their children to teach them the voting process. Nonetheless, these are the ones selected to run in the general elections in November.

US Senator

This was a highly contested race. With names like AG Schmitt running against Former Governor Greitens and famous lawyer Mark McCloskey, no one could determine the outcome. By the end of the day, one man did come out on top. Our Attorney General Eric Schmitt received 40.74% of the Republican votes in Oregon County. He does advance to the general elections in November.  On the Democratic side, Trudy Busch Valentine received 41% of the Oregon County votes. For our county, Libertarian Paul Venable won 100% of the votes.

State Auditor

Missouri State Auditor is another big race as this deals with money. On the Republican side, incumbent Schoo Fitzpatrick received 59% of the votes. On the Democratic side, the only candidate, Alan Green, won all of the votes. And Libertarian John A. Hartwig won the Libertarian votes.

US Representative District 8

Incumbent Jason Smith won Oregon County with 85% of the votes. On the Democratic side, Randi McCallan won all of the votes. There were no votes cast in either the Libertarian or the Constitution parties.

State Representative District 153

Current Representative Atchison received 100% of the votes. Although we haven’t voted for him previously, he will be our newly redistricted representative come January.

Presiding Commissioner

Another contested local race was for presiding commissioner. Of the three running for this position, David Stubblefield came out with the most votes at 59%. He will remain our county commissioner.

Other Races

Although not as well known, each elected official is important. This is how the elections turned out.

Circuit Clerk

Republican Betty Grooms took 65% of the votes.

County Treasurer

Republican Linda Parrott took 100% of the votes.

Prosecuting Attorney

Republican Justin L. Kelley took 100% of the votes.

County Collector

Republican Ila Smith took 100% of the votes.

County Clerk

Democrat Tracy Bridges took 100% of the votes.

Recorder of Deeds

Democrat Dawn Holman received 100% of the votes in Oregon County.


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