Part 1: Missouri U.S. Senatorial Seat Candidate Survey Responses

Filling out a survey

Filling out a survey

The Primary Elections are happening on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. reached out to the local, state, and federal candidates to answer poll questions. Eight candidates responded. One local candidate replied: Crystal Howell running for Oregon County Circuit Clerk. Four candidates responded who are running for Missouri’s United States Senate seat: Dennis Chilton, Eric McElroy, Kevin Schepers, and Gena Ross. Three candidates for state auditor and for Missouri’s U.S. representative seat respectively also responded: David Gregory, Jim Higgins, and Randi McCallian. The candidates were asked fourteen questions in the survey. Here are the answers for the United States Senate candidates.

Question 1

The question was, “Are you aware that many school children cannot read or write? What would you do to solve this problem?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Get other teachers. They teach in job corps.
  • Eric McElroy- Charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and have our tax dollars follow the child to give parents and students a choice in their education
  • Gena Ross- Yes. I am an educator. I would implement free programs for tutoring and education. Also ensure each school has the best toolkits, teaching resources, and teachers. Funding for ALL schools, equal education.

Q2: Self-Defense

The second question was, “Do you believe that self-defense is a right? Why?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Yes, you could die if you did nothing.
  • Eric McElroy- Yes. Everyone has the right to defend themselves against injury and/or death. Why? Because the infringement on your rights comes in many forms, one of which is your personal safety.
  • Gena Ross- You should be able to defend yourself if you are in immediate danger. Not because you have hate in your heart to harm someone else for no cause.

Q3: Rights

The third question was “In light of the Bill of Rights, how do you propose supporting our freedoms and rights that are enumerated?”

  • Dennis Chilton- N/A
  • Eric McElroy- By opposing bills and legislation that contradicts the bill of rights.
  • Gena Ross- I support freedom of speech, press, and religion. My civil right and liberty and it should be to everyone else in America. Unbiased.

Q4: Homeless

The next question was, “The Bible says ‘the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.’ In light of that, what might you advocate to really help the homeless?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Build home. My grandfather had eighteen homes built.
  • Eric McElroy- The Bible also says God helps those who help themselves. It is hard to help someone who doesn’t want help. Having said that we must measure our compassion with the community in mind so we can identify those with mental health issues and drug addiction.
  • Gena Ross- I studied urban ministries. We should help the homeless. Rehab, condemned housing, and buildings and turn them into homeless shelters and housing. Help people.

Q5: Firearms

The next question was, “Do you believe additional background checks for firearms will prohibit murder?”

  • Dennis Chilton- No
  • Eric McElroy- No I do not.
  • Gena Ross- I believe it can help some. But there are some many guns on the streets, we must push public safety. Why do people need AR-15? Mental health/hate crime individuals really need to be screened.

Q6: Abortion

The sixth question was, “Scientist look for any form of life on other planets. Our very Declaration of Independence states that everyone has a right to life. Given that, do you believe that a woman should be able to have an abortion?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Yes, it’s her choice not yours. I hate if she uses a coat hangar.
  • Eric McElroy- N/A
  • Gena Ross- It’s her body. But I prefer adoption or other options to save the baby. It is a baby not just tissue.


The next question was, “What benefits (if any) do you see from the total shut down of the coronavirus in businesses and schools across America? Why?”

  • Dennis Chilton- N/A
  • Eric McElroy- No it did not help. We can look a different states and see which ones didn’t shut down and can see the data show little difference between the states.
  • Gena Ross- I have COVID again right now. First time in 2020. Too many Americans struggled. There was some help but not enough. It seem like we help other countries before we take care of home.

Q8: Accomplishment

The seventh question was, “What is your greatest accomplishment that you want voters to know about?”

  • Dennis Chilton- N/A
  • Eric McElroy- Retired veteran of the United States Navy.
  • Gena Ross- I have a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with emphasis in local government management. I’m an Associate Professor of Business. I’m a public servant. People over party- democracy first! I’m authentic- dare to be different and have no ties with anyone, unbought.

Q9: Projects

The ninth question was, “What do you see as the most pressing needs for infrastructure or capital projects in the state?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Roads.
  • Eric McElroy- The most pressing is the red tape that hinders work getting by the Federal and States Government. The rules and laws make everything more expensive to build or even get permits to accomplish work needed for the infrastructure.
  • Gena Ross- Broadband-high speed internet for rural areas; bridge and road repair; create jobs; flood mitigation clean air, water, transportation. Needs for districts may not be the same so assessments needed.

Q10: Family

The tenth question was as follows: “How do you define a family?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Man and woman.
  • Eric McElroy- Family and home is where you feel safe and loved.
  • Gena Ross- You have your blood family and family by marriage or adoption. Some you may call family but they may not be blood related. When I was married to my husband, my family in the house was me, him, and the children. When I moved to Missouri in 2008, my family was me, a new single mom with three children. Family means different things to different people. I stay in my lane.

Q11: Freedoms

The next question was, “Do you think that our freedom of speech rights are being infringed upon at this present time? Is there a way to combat that?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Yes.
  • Eric McElroy- N/A
  • Gena Ross- I think they are in some ways. We can’t have respect of person or be biased. It just has to stop. Example: I love God and it’s my right to say so!

Q12: Shootings

The twelfth question was, “How would you prevent school shootings? Would veterans be a part of your plan?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Give the kids something to do. Like grow a garden, lift weights.
  • Eric McElroy- N/A
  • Gena Ross- Gun background checks. Trained police or security at school sites. Require all schools A.L.I.C.E. Training. Keep school doors locked and metal detectors at front doors. Yes for veterans. They served U.S. They should be taken care of.

Q13: Government

The thirteenth question was, “How would you protect Missouri from big government interference?”

  • Dennis Chilton- Abolish government housing.
  • Eric McElroy- N/A
  • Gena Ross- Accountability is key. Start whistle blowing and shutting corruption down. Government doesn’t should not interfere with everything. Set boundaries.

Q14: Laws

The final question was, “What laws would you like to see passed or repealed in your term?”

  • Dennis Chilton- N/A
  • Eric McElroy- N/A
  • Gena Ross- No Human Left Behind Act. Healthcare for ALL, vision and dental included. Democracy. Gun safety laws- I shall support Second Amendment but public safety is key. Voter protection. Just let people vote. I’m tired about hearing about the nonsense. All laws that represent democracy for we the people.

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