Boot Camp For All Alton School Students

Back to school, school buses

Back to school, school buses

Alton, Mo. – On August eighth the Alton, Missouri elementary comets went back to school.  Starting the school year can be exciting and daunting at the same time for everyone; including parents, administrators, teachers and students. To help with the transition to full-time school, Alton implemented an “Open House” and a “Boot Camp.”

Back to School Open House

On the sixth of August, an Open House was held. The Open House began at 6:00 PM and lasted until 7:30 PM. This time was to allow new and old students to get acquainted with each other along with their teachers. Parents were there as well to make sure everything was up to standards.

Boot Camp

At Alton, Missouri’s elementary, every student is included in a “Boot Camp” for the first two days of school. This boot camp is where students learn the rules in each school setting such as a bus, classroom, and the cafeteria. This boot camp helps establish a more peaceful school as well as making students more attentive to their teachers.

Another school year is upon us, and it’s important to teach children fundamentals at a young age. What people learn early on in life will continue to stick with them for a long time. It’s necessary to teach children the basics and give them the tools they need for later in life. It’s now time to begin this new school year.

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