Open Letter to Representative Jason Smith About Speaker of House

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The United States Capital Building in Washington DC

I’ve been watching the Republican led House of Representative through the year and thought I’d write a letter to our Representative, Jason Smith. Smith wasn’t a big fan of the strategy and tactics of Matt Gaetz (R-FL) concerning the agreement he wrestled from the Republican leadership concerning the Debt Ceiling, and Independent Spending Bills.

A bargain was struck in front of the whole nation and the Leadership got upset that someone pointed out that they broke their agreement. The Leadership thought they’d just return to the trough, run “business as usual”, break promises and, no one would stand up against them. Yes, they trot out phrases like “substantial budget cuts” and “moving forward” or “making progress” and “getting results” but, when scrutinized, the rhetoric is empty and falls short of why Republicans are voted into office — reasons which, at the very least, include fiscal responsibility and, more likely, include both fiscal responsibility and cultural conservatism.

Small, Constitutional Federal Government solves both those issues. There are many who know no other way to support themselves or family except by working “for the government”. They forget they work for “we the people” not their own bellies and self-aggrandizement.

In my view, Gaetz was the only one up “on the hill” who showed a semblance of integrity. He warned after McCarthy and the House pushed through unlimited spending for the White House for a year (until January 2025. See Bob Good Give Reasons For Vacating Speaker Chair.) He warned that that was a breach of the agreement made in January. Again see Bob Good Give Reasons For Vacating Speaker Chair for details. He does a great job, but Smith didn’t see it that way.

Smith didn’t agree with vacating the chair and said so [1]. To his credit he acknowledged that politics can be messy, but said he felt that those House members who were voting for vacating the Speaker’s chair were doing it for “getting in the news” and, speaking of McCarthy being elected speaker, “they haven’t gotten over the fact that he’s speaker of the house”.

So, I thought an open letter to Jason would be appropriate. I also wrote to him on his website. You can write him also by going to and sharing your thoughts.

The Open Letter to Jason Smith Regarding Speaker Vote



Jason, I know you didn’t want this to happen and I’ve read your reasons, but I would just point out (and you know this) Matt Gaetz told everyone exactly what he was going to do in January. He warned through the summer which culminated in the September final warnings. You know what Gaetz wanted. I want those too. The house has forgotten what politics is. Fighting for what you believe in. CAP the deficit ceiling! INDEPENDENT spending bills (so we can’t be held hostage by “we won’t be able to investigate”, “the military won’t be paid”, and the best one “the government will shut down”.)

Your investigations will go nowhere other than to raise public perception of crimes by Biden and his cohorts. The election season is here and Biden will not be convicted even if you impeach. The government shuts down every weekend and holidays. Rush Limbaugh came on the scene in over 30 years ago and started pointing out the absurdity of this coalition government or “Uniparty” tactics. Remember Margaret Thatcher and British attempts at government that stood for nothing. We’re tired of it.

Please focus and keep promises. There is a growing group of individuals who are educating themselves about a return to Federalism and putting the Leviathan monstrosity you are part of back into its constitutional “cage” so it will stop ravaging the “people”. Taking extreme shares of our wealth which, by the way, is only storage of our time, which is our LIFE- GIVEN TO US BY GOD.

This leviathan is not only taxing, but spending away our future! It is over regulating (which wastes our God-given time), it is oppressing and persecuting innocent individuals (causing them to SPEND TIME defending themselves). It must stop. Our Declaration of Independence defines what a truly American government is. Have you read it lately? Do you see some of King George in today’s Leviathan government? I do.

It’s not the Constitution or Declaration of Independence that is broken, it is today’s “Uniparty” or coalition government that has exceeded its enumerated or stated powers give it by “we the people” in ways that are beyond any cogent argument to the contrary.

Frankly, I agree with the saying, “as long as the government is shutdown, I don’t have to worry about their mischief.” We the people are where the power is. Our Creator gave us that power and we will give an account for our use of that power. I voted for you and am asking you to get an understanding of where true power lies. Our founders knew it, “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” and further, “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

Be a person to stand up for our founding. I know you are now voting for Jordan and I thank you for that. I am asking you to whip for Jordan. Get some love for our founding back in your heart and argue for LIMITING GOVERNMENT & EMPOWERING “We the People”.

Elections are just a year away and If Jim doesn’t work out, you can make adjustments then.

Thank you,
-TJ Thomas


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