Oregon County Works to Continue Updating All Addresses

Line of mailboxes.Commentary

Line of mailboxes.

Alton, Mo. – Most, if not all, of Oregon County, MO now has an actual street address. This was mentioned by county commissioner Patrick Ledgerwood in a previous post. [1] However, the timing of this process leaves many citizens grumbling.


Through fall and into the beginning of winter local residents have been getting notices in the mail of their new street address. Although many residents want an approachable address for emergency purposes, other residents complain that the timing is wrong.


From Thanksgiving forward, letters went out. Many residents did not receive their new addresses until into January. Some still don’t have a USPS approved address. That means that all of the Christmas cards (yes, people do still send them out) were sent with the old addresses. Will the postal service automatically forward any cards mailed next winter, almost a year later?


We know death and taxes are a sure thing. What about all of the tax forms for this time of year? From county tax bills to w-2s? These all need to be updated. Any and all other government forms need to be updated. Voter cards are automatically updated. However, driver’s licenses are not updated automatically and need to be handled.


Naturally, all businesses one deals with or congregates with needs to be notified of the new address. Besides utilities, this includes loans, banks, magazine subscriptions, school notifications, etc. Even your mailbox should denote the new address. If there is any question, it is best to inform everyone.

Given time, everyone will be accustomed to their new addresses.


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