Representative Smith Voting Again In Washington, D.C.

money, dollar bills

money, dollar bills

Representative Smith is still busy in Washington, D.C. representing the people in Missouri’s 8th district. Recently, he voted on three separate bills that would effect the citizens of America.

H.R. 3469

This bill reauthorizes the “Boots to Business” program for an additional five years to ensure that America’s future business leaders that have served in our nation’s Armed Forces have access to the program. Representative Smith voted yes. Bill passed.

H.R. 760

This bill condemns the Cuban Government for its human rights abuses against its own people and expresses solidarity with Cubans’ right to free speech and demands Joe Biden to take an active role in support for the people of Cuba’s God given right to free speech. Representative Smith vote for this bill. The bill passed.

H.R. 3684

This bill advances Pelosi’s end goal of passing Bernuie Sanders green bill. Representative Smith voted no. This bill passed.


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