Local First Baptist Church Unafraid Of Virus And Is Reaching The Community

Alton First Baptist Church

Alton First Baptist Church

Alton, Mo. – The local First Baptist Church in Alton, Missouri, is closing its doors to fear but opening its doors to the community. The church recently got a new pastor, Michael Taynor, and his wife, Tracy. Despite starting their pastorate during a pandemic, they are reopening services and trying to reach the community to meet needs.

What Are They Doing?

The church is planning on making a more visible presence in the community. First, the church is not closed now. As a matter of fact, it has Wednesday evening services(6:00 p.m.) along with Sanctuary Sunday School(9:30 a.m.), Sunday service(10:30 a.m.), and Sunday evening services(6:00 p.m.). These programs are open to people of all ages. The sanctuary is marked for social distancing. Mask wearing is up to the individual.

Where Is The Church?

The church is located at the corner of Highway 19 and Tucker Creek. This is in front of the park, right on the highway on the south side of town. Plenty of parking is available.

Community Work

The church is planning Christmas activities and events. This year, First Baptist Church of Alton, Missouri, is scheduling a Christmas Eve service. This service is open to the public, any or no religious affiliation required. The church wants to share the love of Jesus with the town.


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