Thayer Bobcats Season Ends 11-2 With Loss From Windsor Greyhounds

THAYER, MO - AUGUST 28: The Thayer Bobcats quarterback Jayce Haven (5) gets tackled while diving into the end-zone for a touchdown during the high school football game between the Thayer Bobcats and Crystal City Hornets on October 30, 2020, at the Thayer High School football field in Thayer, MO. (Photo by Curtis Thomas/

The Thayer Bobcats (11-1) went up against the Windsor Greyhounds (13-0) at Louis Bozman Field on Saturday, November 28, 2020, at 2:00 pm for the State Semifinals. The Greyhounds won 14-12. The Bobcats season is ended at 11-2.

Windsor Defense Holds Thayer

The Bobcats received the kickoff. Their drive ended up with a trick punt. Jayce Haven, (#5) punter for the Bobcats, received the snap, but instead of punting the ball, he threw it to Jordan Madden, (#25) running back for the Bobcats. The throw was incomplete.

Windsor Strikes First

The Greyhounds got the ball for the first time of the game. The quarterback for the Greyhounds threw a 60-yard completion to his receiver (#18) for a touchdown. The quarterback threw to another one of his receivers (#15) for the 2-point conversion. The score was now 8-0.

Good Completions for Bobcats

The Bobcats got the ball back. Jayce Haven threw a nice 30-yard pass to Lane Grimes, (#24) wide receiver for the Bobcats, for a first down. On 3rd and 7, Haven threw to Grimes again for a 25-yard pickup.

Bobcats Touchdown

The Greyhounds got the football back. The Bobcats’ defense held them to a punt. Jayce Haven threw to Landry Pitts (#10 for the Bobcats) for 16-yards. Haven followed that up with a 15-yard run. Haven threw to Pitts again for some more yards.

Jayce Haven ran into the enzone for the Bobcats’ first points of the game. The Bobcats acted like they were going to go for the extra field goal. Instead, Haven pitched the ball to Jordan Madden, who threw it to Lane Grimes. The pass was caught but Grimes was already out of bounds when he caught it. The score was now 8-6.

Haven’s Second Touchdown

On the Bobcats’ drive again, Jayce Haven ran six yards into the endzone for another touchdown. On the 2-point conversion, Haven threw to one of his receivers, but the pass was incomplete. The score was now 12-8.

Interception by Windsor

Nearing the end of the first half, Jayce Haven threw a pass. The pass was intercepted by a Greyhounds player. The Greyhounds quarterback threw a 45-yard completion to his receiver. The score at the half was 12-8 Bobcats.

Greyhounds Ball

The Greyhounds received the kickoff in the third quarter. On a handoff, a Greyhounds player ran twenty-seven yards for a first down. A penalty made them go 1st and 20.

Sack By Madden

Landon Madden, (#14) defensive back for the Bobcats, sacked the Greyhounds quarterback for a loss of seven yards.

Interception by Bobcats

On a throw from the Greyhounds quarterback, the ball was intercepted. Due to a penalty, the fourth down was repeated. On the next play, Chris Cray, (#7) linebacker for the Bobcats, intercepted the football in the endzone. The Bobcats drive ended in nothing.

Final Touchdown

When the Greyhounds got the ball back, they made their way to the endzone. Windsor’s quarterback threw to #2 for a touchdown. The 2-point conversion was unsuccessful. The score was 14-12.

Interceptions Everywhere

Jayce Haven was intercepted by #2 for the Greyhounds. The Greyhounds did no better; their quarterback’s throw getting intercepted by Jordan Madden (Bobcats).

No Gain

The Bobcats were forced to punt the ball. When the Greyhounds got the ball back, they were 4th and 23; they punted the ball.

Jayce Haven handed the ball off to Jordan Madden for a run of twenty-five yards with 4:30 left in the game. The Bobcats went to get a first down while being 4th and 7. Thayer did not get the first down.

The Greyhounds quarterback was sacked by Landon Madden for a 2-yard loss. Windsor was once again forced to punt by the Bobcats defense.

Final Chance

The Bobcats were feeling the pressure right then. Jordan Madden received a snap and ran for 10-yards. On the next play, Jayce Haven scrambled around the backfield to buy time for his receivers to get open.

Haven threw to Lane Grimes for a 14-yard completion. Haven scrambled again in a different play and threw; the pass was incomplete. There was now 0:16 left in the game. Haven threw to Lane Grimes again to get into field goal range.

Kick for a Win

The Bobcats went for the kick. If Kale Willison, (#3) kicker for the Bobcats, made this field goal, it would be from thirty-two yards away. With 0:11 left in the game, Willison kicked the ball. The kick was blocked by the Greyhounds. The final score was 14-12 with the Greyhounds winning.

Game results and plays courtesy of the K-Country 95 Radio.

Class 1 State Finals

With the Bobcats (11-2) defeated, the Windsor Greyhounds (14-0) will face the Mid-Buchanan Dragons (13-0) at the Blair Oaks High School in Wardsville, Missouri, on Saturday, December 5, 2020, at 1:00 pm in the Class 1 State Championship Game. [1]

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