Cats Versus Dogs: Thayer Will Go Up Against South Callaway Preview

Thayer Bobcats Vs. South Callaway Bulldogs

Thayer Bobcats Vs. South Callaway Bulldogs

The Thayer Bobcats (10-1) are going up against the South Callaway Bulldogs (7-3) on Saturday, November 21, 2020, at 1:00 pm, at the South Callaway High School in Mokane, Missouri, in the State Quarterfinals. [1]

Bulldogs Preview

The South Callaway Bulldogs are 7-3 in their record. The Bulldogs have had a couple of close games. The Bulldogs have a class one state ranking of nineteen out of sixty-one. [2] They have a winning streak of two games.

Average Points Scored

The Bulldogs have an average of 34.2 points scored per game. The defense has allowed 22.2 points per game for their opponent.

Two Close Games

The Bulldogs are a good team, having only two close games, one being a loss and one being a win. Both games could have been won with a touchdown and a two-point conversion.

Three Losses

South Callaway’s three losses came from the Monroe City Panthers, Montgomery County Wildcats, and the Bowling Green Bobcats. [3] The losses from the Wildcats and Bobcats (hmm, cats?) had a wide margin of twenty-one points and forty-one points in the order they appear.

Bobcats Preview

The Thayer Bobcats are currently 10-1. The Thayer Bobcats are ranked second out of sixty-one in the class one state rankings. [4]

Average Points

The Bobcats scored, on average, 44.1 points per game. Thayer has only allowed, on average, 11.5 points per game.

Close Game and Streak

The Bobcats experienced their only loss in their season opener against the Hayti Indians. They lost only by two points and did not have their star quarterback, Jayce Haven. Thayer has a nine-game winning streak.

Previous Game

Thayer went up against the once undefeated Hayti Indians. The Bobcats, previously losing to them 30-28 in the season opener, beat them 52-22.

Strong Points

One of the Bobcats’ strong points is their run game. They got six out of their seven touchdowns by the run game in the last game against the Hayti Indians. [5]


The weather for the game (as of the publishing of this article) is cooler with times of rain. [6] The high is 49°F, and 37°F is the low. There will be wind gusts of 10 mph. The probability of precipitation is 66%. [7]

Cats Versus Dogs

The winner of this matchup will either face off against the Windsor Greyhounds (12-0) or the Marionville Comets (12-0) [8] in the State Semifinals on November 28. [9]

Cats versus Dogs; which one will win? Make sure to cheer on either the Thayer Bobcats or South Callaway Bulldogs as they face off in the State Quarterfinals. This game will be held at the South Callaway High School in Mokane, Missouri, on Saturday, November 21, at 1:00 pm!

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