Anticipate Colder Weather By Getting Your Vehicle Ready



Cooler weather is approaching and with it, the demand to winterize our vehicles. Here are several items to check or replace before the cold weather actually hits.


Replace any broken or chipped glass, especially in the windshield. [1]You need to keep the cold air out. You also need a good view of inclement weather or vehicular accidents.


Alongside the windshield, is the wipers. They need to work. They should not be splitting or cold weather will make matters worse. It’s good to even have a spare set for emergency use. Make sure the motor works along with the spray. Use the proper spray as winterizing spray helps to clear the frozen windshield.

Belts And Hoses

Good time now to replace worn or frayed belts and hoses. You don’t want a break down in the cold in the middle of nowhere.

Cooling System

Although we don’t use an air conditioner in the winter, we do use the defrost. Heading up Ozark hills in the dark on slippery pavement can cause the engine to heat up. You don’t want it to freezer up so be sure it has the proper coolant for your vehicle and for the temperatures you expect to encounter.


You need good tread. Who wants to be on the shoulder of the road changing a tire? Check the air pressure as cooler weather causes the psi to go down.

Survival Gear

OK, your vehicle is ready. What about you? It’s advisable to pack an extra blanket or two. Just keep them in the vehicle for the duration of winter. An insulated jacket, hat, and mittens go a long way in cold weather. Growing up, I was told to always bring a chocolate bar in the glove box, just in case. There is merit to that. Think about getting caught on an interstate for a couple of days. You’ll probably need water. Milk and soda may taste good, but they won’t get you through. Water can last weeks and months. Peanut butter and crackers are a good go-to item. Granola bars and other foods that do not need cooking are great to pack in the trunk.

All of that to say: Be prepared. Check the roads and conditions ahead of time. Take a trip, even to West Plains, smartly. After all, it’s your well-being you should be concerned about.


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