Thayer Bobcats Blowout The Hayti Indians In District Finals 52-22

THAYER, MO - AUGUST 28: Thayer Bobcats and Hayti Indians get ready for the play on the line of scrimmage during the high school football game between the Thayer Bobcats and Hayti Indians on August 28, 2020, at the Thayer High School football field in Thayer, MO. (Photo by Curtis Thomas/

The Thayer Bobcats (9-1) went up against the Hayti Indians (9-1) in the District Finals at Louis Bozman Field on Friday, November 13, 2020. The Bobcats won 52-22.

Early Lead

The Bobcats started off the game with a touchdown from Jayce Haven, (#5) the quarterback for the Bobcats. Haven ran for 44-yards into the endzone for the touchdown. The extra point was good. Hayti got the ball, but a few plays on, the ball was intercepted by Jesse White, (#9) defensive back for the Bobcats. Jackson Willison, (#2) running back for the Bobcats, ran three yards into the endzone for a touchdown on the Bobcats drive; the extra-point was good. The score was now 14-0. That Bobcats touchdown drive was 90-yards.

Indians Touchdown

The Indians got their only touchdown of the first half from quarterback Trayvon Thomas (#5). The Indians tried for a 2-point conversion and got it. The score at the end of the first quarter was 14-8.

Wider Point Margin

Bobcats running back Jackson Willison ran seventeen yards into the endzone for his second touchdown of the night. Haven threw to Landry Pitts, (#10), for the 2-point conversion. The score was 22-8. Zach Jones, (#75) a defensive lineman for the Bobcats, sacked Indians quarterback Trayvon Thomas for a twelve-yard loss. Jayce Haven ran into the endzone for his second touchdown for the Bobcats. Haven threw to Jesse White for the 2-point conversion. The score at halftime was 30-8.

Touchdowns and an Interception

In the third quarter, the Bobcats kicked off to the Indians. The Indians did not grab the ball quick enough, so Chris Cray, (#7) linebacker for the Bobcats, fell on the ball. Thayer went down the field and Jayce Haven racked up another touchdown. Jayce Haven did a jump pass to Jordan Madden, (#25) running back for the Bobcats, for the 2-point conversion. The score was 38-8. Hayti’s next drive was not good and ended with an interception from Jayce Haven. Haven was down on the field after the interception with what seemed like cramps. He shook it off and continued to play.

Throws and More Touchdowns

Haven threw a 34-yard pass to Lane Grimes, (#24) wide receiver for the Bobcats. Haven threw another nice pass for 18-yards to Jordan Madden to about the 5-yard line. Jordan Madden had his first touchdown of the night with a 5-yard run. The extra point was good. The score was 45-8.

Runs and Points for Hayti

Trayvon Thomas had a 17-yard run, 16-yard run, and 6-yard run that ended in a touchdown. Trayvon Thomas threw the ball to one of his receivers for the 2-point conversion. The score was 45-16.

Rushing Quarterback

The Bobcats were set back to their first down and twenty-five. Jayce Haven fought for a couple of yards and threw an incomplete pass. Haven dismissed the few yards they had gained compared to the yardage to gain and ran 36-yards for a first down. In another play further along the drive, Haven dropped the snap but still managed to get seven yards.

Touchdowns for Both Teams

Haven pitched the ball to Jordan Madden for a twelve-yard touchdown yard.  Kale Willison, (#3) the kicker for the Bobcats, got the extra point. The score was 52-16.

Hayti Touchdown

The Indians tried to get one more touchdown before the game ended, and they did. Trayvon Thomas (Indians) ran six yards for the touchdown. Thomas threw the football to his receiver but the pass was incomplete. The final score was 52-22 with the Bobcats moving on to the State Quarterfinals.

Game results and plays courtesy of the K-Country 95 Radio.

State Quarterfinals

The Thayer Bobcats (10-1) are going up against the South Callaway Bulldogs (7-3) in the State Quarterfinals on Saturday, November 21, 2020. [1]

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