Kansas City Chiefs Become Official Missouri NFL Team for 2019

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Last year was an exciting season for Missouri’s NFL team. The Kansas City Chiefs managed to make it almost all the way to the Superbowl, breaking several records on their way as well as bringing attention to the central states. Although nobody can say what will happen in 2019 and whether the Chiefs will be able to keep their reputation of a weak defense but one of the best NFL offenses, but we do know that the Kansas City Chiefs became the official Missouri NFL team for 2019 when Governor Parson signed a resolution making them so.

Resolution for the Chiefs

On July 9, 2019, Governor Mike Parson signed a resolution, SCR 4, making the Kansas City Chiefs the official Missouri NFL team. “For over 50 years, the Kansas City Chiefs have played an important role in the city and the state,” Governor Parson tweeted. “Sports are a big part of Missouri’s heritage, and we are proud to have the Chiefs represent our great state in the NFL.” [1] The resolution was earlier passed by the Missouri legislature May. The Chiefs were uncontested in their bid to become Missouri’s official team.


The Kansas City Chiefs have been in Missouri since 1963 when Lamar Hunt brought it up from Dallas, Texas to Kansas City. The Chiefs have been the Missouri NFL team since 2016 when the Rams left St. Louis to Los Angeles.


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