Enjoy The Whitten Access On The Eleven Point River As You Go Visit It

Whitten Access, Alton, Mo. – The Eleven Point River is a widely known river in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. It has many accesses to it. One of them is the Whitten Access.


From Alton, Missouri, you take Highway 19 out of the town. About a mile down, turn right onto AA. Follow AA all the way down to almost the end of the road until, on the left hand side, there will be a dirt road. The dirt road is 137. Follow 137 all the way down. When you get to the end, there will be a split in the road. Turn right for the Whitten Access. If you go straight, you will come to a shallower part of the river.

Stairs at Whitten River access.
Stairs at Whitten River access.

Campground, Boat Ramp, Etc.

Whitten Access has something for everyone. There is a boat ramp for the boaters. For the kids, there is a rope swing into the water. There is a decent amount of space for parking- although beware on weekends, it will be packed. There is fire pits if you stay the night and cook out something. If you want to camp out for the weekend, there’s room to do so.

Whitten River Access boat ramp.
Whitten River Access boat ramp.

The Water

The water at the Whitten Access is great for kayaking, canoeing, or if you’re boating. It’s also good if you want to go swimming. You can also go fishing while on your boat.

Whitten River Access board.
Whitten River Access board.


For all of you people who love rapids, this is the spot for you. This section of the river is home to one of the best rapids, Halls Bay Chute. [1]

Get out to Whitten Access whether it’s in the spring where new buds and flowers are coming on, or in the summer where everything is green, or in the fall where you can be amazed at the beautiful array of colors!


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