Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer- 5 Ways To Cool Them

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If you have a dog, you don’t want them getting heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Here are five simple ways to keep your doggo cool this summer.

#1 Give Them Melons

A way to cool you dogs and give them a treat, is to give them a bite of a melon- like watermelon and cantaloupe.

#2  Don’t Leave Your Dog

When you take your dog with you, whether it’s to the park or to the store, don’t leave your pup in the car. Even if you leave the windows open, if it’s 80°F outside, and you leave the car for one hour, it will heat up to 120°F. [1] So don’t leave your dog in the car.

#3 Spray Some Water

Most dogs enjoy getting sprayed with water. After you go for a run or walk with your dog, spray him with your hose. If you don’t have time to spray your dog with water, put a wet bandana on them.

#4 Hydrate

Another way to keep your dog cool this summer is by keeping them hydrated. Maybe stop at a creek or bring a water bottle for your pup while on your run.

#5 To The River

The last way to cool off your dog, and yourself, is to go to the river or the lake. Your dog will enjoy swimming, diving, going after their favorite toy, or just sitting there at the river.

So make sure to keep your dog cool this summer and have fun!


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