Lawmakers Clarify Horse Drawn Vehicles’ Safety Markings

Horse and buggy

Amish horse and buggy with caution triangle

Representative Copeland has been working closely with the Department of Public Safety, the Governor’s office, and other legislators to clarify the safety markings on horse drawn vehicles. Recently, horse drawn buggies and their families have moved into the Alton, Mo area. As drivers are not accustomed to looking for the slower horse drawn buggies, especially on hilly roads, around curves, or outside of town, several accidents occurred last year involving horse drawn carriages and engine vehicles. Representative Copeland has taken it to heart to take his knowledge and experience as a state trooper to devise ways to protect the residents of his area, and throughout the state of Missouri.

What Is Required?

The new regulations require a base down equilateral triangle of fluorescent yellow-orange film, bordered with reflective strips mounted in the center rearmost portion of the vehicle. While this does pertain to horse and buggies, this also applies to slow vehicles like farm equipment. This is required throughout the state.

Who Is This For?

The bill is aimed at saving lives. Making the slower vehicles that use roadways more visible, Representative Copeland and others are hoping faster vehicles will see the reflective markings and recognize it as a slow vehicle.

Further Information

To read the complete bill requirements, you can click here.

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