2020 Ends With Icy, Wintery Weather

Cold temperatures and snow on thermometer.

Cold temperatures and snow on thermometer.

As though 2020 was not already a year to not remember, it will end with unpleasant weather forecasts. Mild, wet weather does frequently come throughout the fall and into winter. Often the Alton, Missouri area experiences ice storms.


Weather forecasts are calling for a variety of weather for the next several days. It began Tuesday night with rising temperatures overnight. As Wednesday progresses, the temperature declines, and wind speeds pick up. Wednesday evening has rain/snow in the forecast with temperatures just under freezing- perfect for snow.


Thursday has a small chance of daily precipitation with temperatures lower than Wednesday. However, Thursday night, New Year’s Eve, brings rain and freezing rain. As citizens plan their New Year’s parties, one needs to take into account the weather and freezing roads.

New Year’s Day is scheduled to warm back up in the 50’s before colder weather on Saturday. The first week of the new year is set to be warm and in the fifties again, warmer than the average of 43.3 degrees [1]. Time will tell if this is to be another warm winter and cold spring or if temperatures will return to normal and bring snow- to the delight of children in the area.



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