Cooler Weather Before Hot, Hot Weather

Autumn Leaves.

Fall festival at governors mansion.

Alton, Mo. – This week brought the beginning of the fall season. It also brought much cooler temperatures. As many people say, “It’s football weather.” But as is common this time of year, the cool weather isn’t to last. Temperatures are projected rise to the ninety’s early next week.

Cool Temps

We started this week with a sprinkle of rain that brought the cooler temps. Lows are in the 40’s and daily high temperatures this week are only in the 70’s. This helps the electric bill. The hum of air conditioners seem to be a bygone of the summer. Cool conditions allow one to get outdoors and enjoy the colors. One begins thinking of pumpkins, Thanksgiving, warm fires, and, yes, Christmas. But these conditions are not forecast to last.

Hotter Temps

Major weather services are all forecasting temperatures to heat up over the weekend. Saturday should be a seasonably cool day. However, Sunday will allow the sun to raise the thermostat to the upper 80’s. Following that is 90 degree weather for Monday and Tuesday. Get the air conditioners back running. Some say that this is the Indian summer. Others say that a true ‘Indian Summer’ does not occur until the first killing frost. Nevertheless, Alton is expected to get warm, even hot, temperatures after this cool spell.

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