Alton Advertiser Announces Permanent End of Weekly Publication

Bundle of newspapers.

Bundle of newspapers.

Alton, Mo. – Yesterday, December 22, the Alton Advertiser announced they are shutting down their weekly publication permanently on the back page of this weeks edition. Rising printing costs were causes of the announcement. Yesterday’s edition was the last Alton Advertiser that will be printed.

We are being forced to close the Advertiser and retire

The Alton Advertiser has been run by Allen and Ruth Crider since the passing of Joe a few years back. Allen arrived at “this very difficult decision” because the prices of “paper, ink and supplies” are increasing.

Many people look forward to the publication each week here in Alton, Mo. because it contains information about local businesses. Advertisers were able to reach a fairly substantive portion of the local area inexpensively.

Apparently, that was a problem for continuing the publication.

“We are being forced to close the Advertiser and retire,” Alton Advertiser publisher and editor Allen Crider told readers “This, our Christmas Issue, is our last Advertiser.”

Local readers and businesses will miss the paper. It has been a positive influence in the Oregon County and Alton, Mo. marketplace for many years.

Allen and Ruth thanked their readers and wished them a “Merry Christmas” in their last issue.

So we return the blessing and wish them well also, that they might have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Thank you to Allen and Ruth and their family for all their work in adding to the Alton community through the years and may they be blessed by the Lord in the future year and beyond.

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