Alton Bank’s Grand Opening Is Still Going- Come And See!

Alton Bank's sign on August 28, 2021.

Alton, Mo. – The Alton Bank’s grand opening is today, August 28, 2021. The celebration started at noon and is going until 2:00 pm or until people stop showing up.


You can enter for a chance to win a TV, four chairs, or a cooler.

A chair, cooler, and TV you could win at the Alton Bank’s Grand Opening.

Food And Drinks

They have cooked out hot dogs and the toppings to go with it. They also have a variety of chips and cookies. For the drinks, they have Mello Yellow, CocaCola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, or cold water.

Chips, drinks, hot dogs, and cookies at the Alton Bank’s Grand Opening on August 28, 2021.


While you’re at the bank, you can see the newly-revealed plaques. The one inside is to honor Randall Combs’ mother and father.

A plaque honoring Randall Combs’ parents at the Alton Bank.

Alton Bank’s grand opening is still going on so go over there on 28 Medical Dr. and get some food, drinks, enter for a prize, and see the plaques!

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