Scores Of People Came To Alton Bank’s Grand Opening On August 28th

Alton, Mo. – The Alton Bank had their grand opening on Saturday, August 28, 2021, from noon until people stopped showing up. Scores of people showed up to support the Alton Bank.


Everyone who came could grab a cooked-out hot dog, chips, cookies, and a drink.

Drawings Entered

The people also entered for a chance to win a 55″ TV, a cooler, and four chairs.

The box with the drawings in it at the Alton Bank Grand Opening.

Free T-shirts

When you entered for the drawing, you got a free Alton Bank t-shirt and an Alton Bank pen.

Bank employees handing out t-shirts and pens at the Alton Bank Grand Opening.

Scores Of People

At one time, seventy people were at the bank for the grand opening.

People eating and enjoying the party at the Alton Bank Grand Opening on August 28, 2021.

Speech And Prayer

Around noon, a friend of Randall Combs, President of the Alton Bank, said a prayer. After the prayer, Mr. Combs gave a speech and unveiled the plaque that honored his parents.

A plaque honoring Randall Combs’ parents at the Alton Bank.


There were three plaques. One was inside the bank which honored his parents. The other two were at the entrance to the bank.

One of the three plaques at the Alton Bank.
The second of three plaques at the Alton Bank.

Helping The Community

Mr. Combs said on why they moved the bank,

It helps us by being able to be room to be able to service our customers and help the customers with things. And that’s the main thing right there, is taking care of our customers.

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