How to Get a Free $1 Burger From McDonald’s

Pile of dollar bills.Commentary

Pile of dollar bills.

Ever dreamed of getting a free hamburger from McDonald’s? No strings attached? No app you have to download or survey you have to fill out? A young hacker also had that dream and not only had it, but he managed to make it a reality.

It’s Real

In the two minute video, the hacker released you get helpful, step by step instructions on how to get a free hamburger… and ten free burger-less burgers.

By using McDonald’s self-service menu to order a burger off of the dollar menu, you can “beat” the system. Order a burger off the dollar menu, then customize your burger and subtract the beef patty, which will make your balance negative 10 cents. Repeat those steps ten times, until you get a balance of a dollar.

Then repeat it once more, this time leaving the beef patty on the bun. “When it gets to this screen, you’ll find that all the patty-less burgers have $1.10 taken off them so they’re all -$.10 and there’s a regular burger, which is just a buck, leaving the total at $0,”

Now you’ve just saved a dollar, not only that, but you’ve also accumulated ten meatless burgers (buns with ketchup and pickles) along with one regular burger.

Going, Going, Gone

McDonald’s has not yet commented on this glitch in their menu.


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