Insane Gainz Moves To Better Its Customers

Insane gainz gym front

Insane gainz gym front

Alton, Mo. – The exercise business, Insane Gainz, has moved. Formerly on the square facing the courthouse, it has moved to Old Street. This is an excellent workout gym run locally.

What Is Insane Gainz?

Insane Gainz is a locally run gym. It is open to males and females, 24/7/365. It uses a keypad for members to enter and exercise at their own convenience. This facility hosts quite an assortment of workout tools. Everything from dumbbells and weighted ropes to treadmills and weight machines is out for use. Mirrors adorn the walls to ensure the user has proper form.

An assortment of people use this gym. Individuals as well as groups come together to workout. Some come early in the morning, others during lunch break or after work.

exercise equipment inside Insane Gainz
exercise equipment inside Insane Gainz

Who Runs It?

Insane Gainz is locally run by Shauna, a local resident. She made the investment to help the community stay healthy throughout the year, no matter the weather. She continues to add value to the gym by adding new equipment and maintaining the old equipment.

Where Is It?

Formerly on the square, Insane Gainz moved to 104 Old Street in Alton. This is on the corner behind the Missouri Farm Bureau’s office on the one-way street. Ample parking is available in front of the facility or on the side street. The move was finalized in August and is fully operational now.

How To Join?

To join and become a member of Insane Gainz is simple. Simply contact Shauna at 417-270-0204. She will give you the information necessary to begin a habit of living healthy.

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