Celebrate National Missouri Day

Outline of state of Missouri.

Outline of state of Missouri.

National Missouri Day is celebrated on the third Wednesday of October, each year. This year it is celebrated on October 21, 2020. This date is set apart in observance to celebrate Missouri.

Quick Facts

Missouri ranks 18th in population in comparison to the other states. It includes famous cities like St. Louis and Kansas City. Its capital is Jefferson City. Missouri is comprised of a forested highland called Ozarks. It was admitted to the union on August 10, 1821. In regards to state items, the state amphibian is the American bullfrog; the bird is the Eastern bluebird; the state fish is the channel catfish; insect it the Western honey bee; and the tree is the Flowering dogwood. Alongside those facts, Missouri has a state dance: square dance; a state dessert: ice cream; and a state song: Missouri Waltz.

How To Celebrate Missouri Day

This is a great day to take time in the state. Perhaps visit a park and look at gems. Find a cave and tour it. One can visit one of the main cities to see what’s there. For example, St. Louis has the famous Arch. Kansas City is loaded with history. Jefferson City hosts the Capitol Building along with the governor’s mansion, a  Lewis and Clark monument, and the Runge Nature Center. A quick online search can guide you into Missouri foods.

It’s simply a day to think about the history of Missouri and enjoy the beauty of it.

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