OMC Launches Covid-19 Telephone Hotline

Old telephone on surface.

Old telephone on surface.

OMC (Ozark Medical Center) of West Plains, Missouri, is launching a 24-hour telephone hotline for people to call with questions concerning the COVID-19 virus. A nurse will quickly asses your situation and offer suggestions to your care. [1]

What Are The Questions?

The three questions that a nurse asks phone callers is:

  1. Have you ever had contact with anyone who has lab-confirmed Covid-19?
  2. Have you had a fever (the temperature at or above 100.4°F)?
  3. Have you had a cough and shortness of breath?

If you answer “yes” to any of those questions, the nurse will discuss your options about getting tested.

Where Are Test Sites?

The OMC clinics in Alton, Gainesville, Mountain Grove, Mountain View, Thayer, West Plains, and Winona all are offering testing for the coronavirus. OMC Urgent Care in West Plains also offers testing. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, OMC emergency department can assist you. However, medical personnel are asking people not to come to the emergency department for non-emergency testing.

Curbside Testing

These family clinics offer curbside screening by appointment only.  Simply pull in the designated parking spot and call the number.

Negative Coronavirus Results

If your symptoms are not indicative of covid-19 or the test results are negative, the nurse can make an appointment for you at a clinic. Unless the medical provider needs to see you in person, you can have a virtual visit from the comfort of your home.  OMC serves over 364,000 patients annually in South Central Missouri and Northern Arkansas.


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