Target Challenges Amazon’s “Prime Day” With Their “Deal Day”

Woman enjoying sales.

Woman enjoying sales.

It’s hard to go anywhere these days without running into someone competing for your money. Whether this takes the form of an ad on YouTube or a bulletin in the gas station window, companies are always boasting that their product is better than anyone else’s. Last year Amazon held a 36-hour sale on most (not all) of their products, offering discounts and deals on everything from toilet paper to Echo’s for anyone that had a Prime membership ($119 for a year-long subscription), this year, Amazon announced another Prim Day- this time lasting an entire 48 hours.


On July 15th and 16th, the retail giant, Amazon, will be hosting its annual Prime Day. For 48 hours you can snatch up what you’ve spent the past month looking at (but not buying because you’re on a budget) at a knock-down price. As Amazon puts it, it’s a “two-day parade of epic deals.” [1] A time when you can find deals on almost everything, no matter how mundane or expensive- the only catch is that you must be an Amazon Prime member to participate.

If you’re weak-willed when it comes to the call of sale items, you should stay off Amazon those days because let’s face it, Amazon is out to make money, and you could find yourself buying things you don’t need like a back scratcher for the cat you don’t even have.

More Sales

This year, however, Amazon is facing some unlikely competition from a smaller retailer. Target has announced that on July 15th an 16th they’ll be holding a Target Deal Days- one of their most significant summer sales. Customers can shop some of the stores best brands and snag deals on most items Target has to offer, no membership required.

“Last year’s One-Day Sale was one of our biggest days of the year for online sales,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president, and chief merchandising officer, Target. “This year, we’re giving guests more discounts across even more of our assortment with two days to save on hundreds of thousands of items and offering the best options in retail for delivery and pick up on their terms, including same-day.” [2]

Although Target doesn’t currently offer free shipping on any order, they do offer free shipping on all orders over $35 or if you’re a REDcard member. Sure, Amazon has the upper hand here, they’re bigger and carry more electronics than Target, but right now, Target is just competing for customers money, not against market space. On July 15th, it’ll just come down to who has the better deal- Target or Amazon?


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