WOW Air Stops Operations- Leaving Passengers Without Flights

Man waiting at an airport.

Man waiting at an airport.

Getting a deal is always nice but sometimes things really are too good to be true. This was the case for passengers flying with the budget-friendly Icelandic airlines, WOW Air, when the airline ceased all operations early Thursday morning.

The End

WOW Air became the latest casualty in budget airlines on Thursday when they posted a statement on their website saying that all flights had been canceled and that there would be no future operations. WOW Air went on to advise current passengers to book new flights on other airlines.

Wow Air CEO Skúli Mogensen told Icelandic state broadcaster RUV that they had tried their best to save WOW but in the end could not raise enough money. “As is normal, people believed we would get the investment,” Mogensen told RUV. “We have been very transparent, but it didn’t happen.”

WOW, I’m Stranded

Mogensen stated that over 1,000 passengers had been affected by the closure of WOW. “I’m very sorry about this as these are people who have supported us,” said Mogensen. “I’m disappointed not to honor our commitments.”

Alex Spence, a Wow Air passenger due to return to Toronto from Berlin on March 30, told CNN that she had recieved no warning from WOW before her flight was canceled. “Now I have to find a last-minute flight home that will likely be incredibly expensive,” said Spence. “Honestly the worst part is that Wow hasn’t even reached out to inform passengers like myself.” [1]

Passengers who were due to fly on WOW Air were at first notified that their flights were canceled but by Thursday morning they began receiving emails from WOW Air which notified them of the airline ceasing operations and their flights being canceled. WOW Air said that “passengers may also be entitled to compensation” and also that passengers could passengers can make a claim with the administrator or liquidator if the company declared bankruptcy.

Book Another Flight

Other airlines have begun offering “rescue” flights for people who had WOW tickets. These flights are reduced in price compared to normal for stranded passengers.


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