Mammoth First Baptist Church Holds Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Decorated eggs.

Decorated eggs.

Thayer, Mo. – On Saturday, April 20, Mammoth Spring First Baptist Church held its annual Easter egg hunt. There was plenty of parking for everyone who wanted to go. Everyone made sure to bring an Easter egg basket or an everyday plastic bag to hold all of their eggs.

Free Food

The church had also offered a meal before the Easter egg hunt began. There was an abundance of hot dogs, chips, drinks, desserts, etc. Lunch started at 11:00 am and after you ate the egg hunt began around noon.

Egg Hunts for Everyone

Kids of all ages can come for the egg hunt, from toddlers all the way up to 6th graders, to join in and get their share of Easter eggs. For the toddler group, there were about 20 toddlers searching the grass for brightly colored eggs. For the next age group, there were about 15 kids.

The oldest group there was a decent size group of about 20 young kids. Every year more families and their children attend the hunt.

Special Prizes

You don’t just get candy and lunch when you attend Mammoth Spring First Baptist Church’s egg hunt. In every age group, there is one golden egg among all of the other eggs. In that special egg is a certificate for a $15+ gift card to Walmart. The golden egg could be anywhere in the space given to that specific age group. Kids in every age group search vigorously for it so they can be the first to get it.

The toddlers go first, then the middle-aged group, and last the oldest group, all searching for eggs at separate times so that parents can get in on the action. Afterward, the children open all of their eggs, looking for any special prizes as well as eating some of the delicious candy that they found.

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