Are You Ready For More Isolation?

NASA logo on globe.

NASA logo on globe.

After all of this coronavirus isolation and social distancing, are you desiring additional isolation? If so, NASA may be where you should look. NASA wants to pay people to isolate on Fake Mars for 8 months.


Successful applicants will spend eight months in isolation with only a small international crew in Moscow, Russia. The applicant will perform robotic operations as well as other various tasks using virtual reality.  This action aims to help NASA learn more about the physical and psychological impact that confinement and isolation have on humans. This information will be used in planning future Mars missions.

Who Can Apply?

The guidelines for applying are somewhat stringent. One does need to be willing to spend eight months on a fake mission. Then there are some requirements:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Between the ages of 30-55
  • Proficient in both Russian and English languages.
  • Have a M.S., PhD., M.D. or completion of military officer training. (Though participants with a Bachelor’s degree and other certain qualifications—e.g., relevant additional education, military, or professional experience—may be considered as well.)

Additional information and applications are at this site.


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