Are You Ready To Start Home Schooling? Here Are Basic Rules For MO

kids doing school at home

kids doing school at home

It’s been a busy year. Perhaps you’re thinking about starting a homeschooling adventure. No matter the age, Missouri does have laws for educating your child at home. Already schooling at home? Want to know how you’re measuring up? Here are the basics.

Overall Glance

Missouri requires children attend school between the ages of 7 and 17. This means that kindergarten at age 5 is not required. It also means that students are required to attend a school- even a trade school or college- until the age of 17. Missouri has no notification requirement, nor does the parent need teacher qualifications. Missouri does not have immunization requirements or assessment obligations. Additional information can be found to the Home School Legal Defense Association here.

Subject Requirements

Missouri expects all schools, whether at home or not, to teach five core subjects: reading, math, social studies, language arts, and science. Each student needs to receive a minimum of 1,000 hours of instruction. There online records one can use, or make one yourself with any number of programs.

Other Laws

Missouri stipulates that the parent or guardian keep a record of the student’s work, tests, and hours in school. This is necessary for all students under the age of 16. Nonetheless, in high school, all records should be kept indefinitely.

These laws were created many years ago to protect Missouri families. Families are able to teach their children what they want at the rate they want, with religion. It is the parents’ right,so long as it isn’t abused.

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